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Tujhyat jeev rangala

Tujhyat jeev rangala
Tujhyat ananda shodhla
Ekach ranga baghitla
Ani kshan gondhalala

Dehat maan wegla
Manat roop wegla
Roopat vishwa wegla
Ata me shodhnar..

Kay ya manachi naati
Kiti olakhli preeti
Kiti visarli neeti
Ya manuskichi..

Ya rangaat ranga udhalale
Ya naatyat kshan visarle
Ya kshanat maan rangale
Kahi anubhavache..

Goad ashya kshani
Ka bhiti mani
Ha gongat kiti
Ya rahdaricha..

Weglyach jagi rangta man
Weglyach jagi palta ranran
Hich ek bhunbhun
Tula shodhnya..

Kon tu..
Kasa tu..
Kuthe tu..
Ka tu...???


Feelings.. I doubt I can judge mine, They change just like the taste of every new sip of a wine... A slight indifference and a little arrogance in attitude, I slog here daily for a month's dime...

I realized I slipped into my own cocoon, With a blot of knowledge for some boon.. Got myself lost in some goons, Why am I so sure I'm gonna leave this soon??

A place of fake morality, Robots faking humanity, In a desperate need of inspiration, I count my days in fraction..

Deprived of choice, With eyes moist, I remind myself not to permit a demise...

Abused emotion, Loaded with expectation,

In demotion...

I could not decipher the subtle...

Emotions spilled everywhere through the bottle...

I was high in the gutters...

Time running through the middle of my fingers…

I was walking through the rain

Just being insane...

Clothes wet and clinging on to my nave

The water kept draining through my hair...

A gross thought kept clinging on to me, of wanting to be a slave

A slut savaged to grave

I hated yet loved to find myself alone

No place to hide...

A desperate soul...

Wanting to be satisfied...

Heaven ran out

But the Hell came calling…

A sight of a handsome figure

So electrifying...

A face so familiar

Yet unknown

I pondered to think if this, I had known

Straight cut jaw lines

Thin lips... His eyes narrowing

He stood facing me while it was dawning

A suave animal

I wanted to grin, but I was frowning

A dark slender silhouette so crude

I thought of playing rude

One touch would torture the hell out of me...

But still I let the time flee

Arms cut out to perfection

I tried to move out of his attention

My eyes set on him...

I could no…

She is...

A longing...For someone to hold her hand tight
With no worries no fright
She wishes to cross the limits
see beyond horizon what lies...
No she wont so easy commit
Yet to find her summit...
With her head held high she searches-
For an arm to hold
A soul to mould
A shoulder to rest
Herself to nest
A hug to cry
a flower to sigh...
No she dont need a reason to love
She aint that rough
Dont need a season to kiss
she's fine with a peck, u got it miss
Dont need flowers to bring a smile
she's fine to walk a mile...
Boy you may think for a while...
That mine aint new for the hit
find yourself a better fit..
yeah she knows the pain
It aint in vain
That soul is very much alive
But still a bit naive...
O boy what you staring at
She aint a dying rat
Hell with your assumptions
That are beyond redemptions...
Respect if you may
She's a tough neigh
A woman looking for a tough horse for hay...


A boulder hit me
I fell, first on knee
A condition so deteriorating
I waited, for help must be coming

The fog grew
I tried to gaze through
The silk on me rustled
I looked around puzzled..
Paranoid in the darkness
I anxiously waited for help to come and grace

An hour later
I moved, only to discover
My limbs felt lifeless
My scream voiceless

I felt the world around me come to an end
If just something I could mend
Why does everything look so abrupt
Is this apt???...

A breeze cold and warm passed by
I felt i was swimming in the sky
Lost in the darkness of the day
I mumbled to say-
"Not here to stay"
In unrest as I lay...

And then I heard a radio being tuned
Morning had come soon
To rescue me...from the dream i almost drowned...

Shabda suchena...

aaj maan sangayla shabda suchena
ya andharya ratri aj mala ratra disena
vaat vahe pudhe pudhe
pan marga kahi sapdena
aaj maan sangayla shabda suchena

halkech koni ishara dyawa
swapnana nava ranga dyawa
asa bhaas hoina
aaj maan sangayla shabda suchena

kiti ashya weli
laplya mani
ghadla khp kahi
pan bolale konich nahi
tya ratri waat thambli pan maan thambena
aaj maan sangayla shabda suchena

maitrichi ek waat disawi
ya andharat koni saath dyawi
garaz asta konich yeina
aaj maan sangayla shabda suchena

aat kuthetari dheer milawa mani
vaat swatahun milawi ashi-
pudhe baghta dise lakkha prakash
maage pahata dise chandra nabhat!
he samjawaya mani kalena
aaj maan sangayla shabda suchena...!!!

Would you...!!!

I know not when it startedI dont know if it showsBut I know I'm terribly scaredAnd that’s how my feelings go...I wish I could see into youJust to know if you feel it tooJust to know if I grow closeWould you welcome me with open doors??...I need to know if I can hold you nearTo show my wounds and shed a tearI need your trust and loving careI need to know would you be there??Would you accept me 'inspite' of me??Open wide your arms and welcome me??Would you stand beside and support me??Tell me dear, would you be there for me???..


To begin It had never begun.. To end It never started.. Dilemma Went through it Fate Not meant for it.. In YOU believed too much Lost a heart, a breath a touch.. Freak reasons Entangled in emotions Chose a path Never to turn back.. Love stroked hard.. But still I’m glad.. Looked for Knives.. Found some Forks.. Happy to realise.. Was just cutting a toast.. Things seem to be falling in place.. Just wish to clean YOU off from me under my skin my face....


Each time I cross a milestoneI try n recall every place the sun shoneThe one that moon litThe one on which the stars glitteredThe breeze with which came the sand, the dust and my eyelids flickered...The time in tiny frocks- fun n frolicThe swing, the see-saw, the puppy-lickThat stupid running behind cowsSoiling hands in the dungHow furiously we would be whisked by mum...A faint memory of a dad's joyful liftPulling his whiskers- a naughty kid.A wishful thoughtTo my mind I brought-...Nothing looks the same anymore!A little hesitationTo ask for directionIn this town that no more looks the sameEverything has been smitten by fameD cattle no more visit our lanesThey graze in the graveyardsInstead of meadows green in rainI sit here admire... Lame...