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A boulder hit me
I fell, first on knee
A condition so deteriorating
I waited, for help must be coming

The fog grew
I tried to gaze through
The silk on me rustled
I looked around puzzled..
Paranoid in the darkness
I anxiously waited for help to come and grace

An hour later
I moved, only to discover
My limbs felt lifeless
My scream voiceless

I felt the world around me come to an end
If just something I could mend
Why does everything look so abrupt
Is this apt???...

A breeze cold and warm passed by
I felt i was swimming in the sky
Lost in the darkness of the day
I mumbled to say-
"Not here to stay"
In unrest as I lay...

And then I heard a radio being tuned
Morning had come soon
To rescue me...from the dream i almost drowned...


  1. lovely rhymes..
    you write well..
    welcome to our community...
    let me know ..

  2. I used to have a falling dream where it actually felt like I was about to plummet to my death but I always woke up before I hit the heart rate was thru the roof and I was sweatin' like a ditch digger...reading this took me back to that experience...felt.

  3. hey jingle,
    Thanks a ton :)

    Yeah thats one dream that had terrorized me... somehow tried to put it in rhyme :)...


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