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Finding ME in me: ह्याचाशी माझे नाते आहे…

Finding ME in me: ह्याचाशी माझे नाते आहे…: "(माझ्या मैत्रिणी (दिव्या) साठी काही ओळी) - visit हवा हवा सा वाटणारा जिव्हाळा,तो पहिला मादक स्पर्शाचा निवारा..."

In fond memories of Capt. Nikhil Jadhav...

A long lost childhood friend... (24th May 1983 to 7th March 2011)

The music was playing
But couldnt listen to it
The food was on the platter
But couldnt eat it
The news had come
But still cant take it..

Time had arrived
But took away the wrong one
In silence and tranquil
Now lies your gun

That brain closed the doors
To the world unknown
That heart went numb
To the pain and succumbed

Still unable to take the news
You didnt leave us any clues
Rest in peace my dear friend
M sure ur safe up there

Till time unknown when we see you again
We'll stare the sky to point a STAR that you wud represent..

R.I.P. chhotu!!!

Help yourself

Help yourself My friend, help yourself…
It’s a wonderful world But u gotta help yourself
A rollercoaster ride… this life My friend, a rollercoaster ride
Hold on to yourself These rides go high n low Crazy sights on the way You might lose the flow…
Just be yourself My friend just be yourself
Don’t lose on the opportunities They dont come easy you see You gotta buy your every moment here Everything’s a deal, nothing for free…
Move on from this junction My friend, just move away from the old function…
Friends, relatives, marriages don’t happen here on their own The water has always somewhere, flown The sun shines here daily So you see, you gotta face the world gaily…
Pick up your luggage Walk you way Help yourself My friend, you gotta move on everyday…