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Feelings.. I doubt i can judge mine

they change jus like the taste of every new sip of a wine

a slight difference n a little arrogance in attitude

i slog here daily for a month's dime

I realised i slipped into my own cocoon

with a blot of knowledge for some boon

got myself lost in some goons

why m i so sure m gonna leave this soon??

A place of fake morality

robots faking humanity

in a desperate need of inspiration

i count my days in fraction..

Deprived of choice

with eyes moist

I remind myself not to permit a demise

Abused emotion

loaded with expectation

a lack of inspiration

to move out..

I toss here the time

to while away n make a rhyme

i call it a crime

as i lose the knack to make it fine..

Travelling back home

i am reduced to a lump of foam

absorbed and saturated

thinking how to get motivated..

Faces around- too happy to be true

their ears blocked to the reality assuming to get the due

pockets filled with crispy rupees

No time to spend on what they please..

Eyes red with stress

succumbed to a puff to destress

a smile out of frustration

Gazing through the closed window for some air of anticipation

I wonder whats becoming of me

M i losing the glee?

is it a time to emancipate the real me??

or m i just running away to suit myself?

a coward hiding from ones dignity n true self???


  1. forgive yourself but this is a very normal human reaction and you brought it out nicely in words! thank you for sharing divya.. mine's here-

  2. Your genre' of stop 'Wondering' and keep writing

  3. :)... i will vinit... i am... :).. thanks!!


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