Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In high spirits

Yeah I’m gripped by pain
no pill no grain

my head spins
my vision fades
my mouth dries
i feel my heart race

my feet tremble
my hands stumble
i lose breath
my words fumble

the momentary lapse
the zonked out farce
i phase out
but the thirst grows in the sparse...

Yeah i need to be drugged
a little intoxicated
i need to be sloshed
and a bit stimulated
i need to be smothered
ahh for a while..
quench my thirst with the ardent spirit
I just cannot go on with a fake smile…

The hunger's growing
for brains to go numb
in the high spirits
i may succumb

With every glass filled to its brim
i prowl over each with a grin…

A drop of Vodka
so excruciating
a little Gin and some Tequila
ahh sequined...

Rum to soothe
Scotch so smooth
Wine, yeah refreshing..
Well Cognac's for the rich
And Champagne too exquisite für mich...

Aye boy, let’s not go that far
Oh forget the classics
Man just take me to a bar.......


  1. Oh ! I am feeling refreshed after reading your poem. keep it up, Divya.

  2. Haha nice touch with the two german words! Good poem...

  3. ...just take me to the bar, i know a lot of people who live on this path.

  4. thanks a lot guys...

    @dandylion: yeah learnt a bit of german so why not ;)

    @zongrik: u may add my name as well to that list :P

  5. Sound like somebody is thirsty! Been there, done that! Very nice write!

    My most recent offering:

  6. wow shocking take me to the bar it is sad but I do know many that is all they care about