Sunday, November 27, 2011

Finally... need to be free! :)

Oh finally it has come to me..
To write and plea..
To the lord almighty..
- "Help, coz I need some things for free..!"

Wait, no longer I can..
Coz enough I have ran..
Behind unrealistic faces..
Now I wish to get rid of some traces..

Plans now are a little more tangible..
Some instinctively manageable...
Priorities, I know are some unset..
Few new are now on the crest...

Set for some new locations..
unknown expressions..
trying to get rid of some clumsiness and foolish infatuations
now is the need to get in a different set of relations...

Love, I know will happen to me..
As time will flee..
With little nervousness and curiosity..
I take my steps to set myself free...!

Friday, August 19, 2011


Cool wind on my face
Reminds me I’m stuck in a maze
A dusky haze
I fail to wipe off…

Moments pass by
A smile with a wry
No tears to cry
I fail to write me off…

Off they go
With a smirk in their eyes
Off they go
With ignorance on their minds
Off they go.. my feelings..
Oh! off they go from all the sides

Looking out with an array of bewildered emotions
I’m letting myself be taken away in this wind’s direction
Without your sanction
Oh lord! how do I put my past off…

Standing on the edge of this cliff
I wonder if I at all miff
Oh please don’t play the riff
In the times so stiff
When I fail to look out for a partner to just laugh it all off….

Monday, June 6, 2011

Desperation in words...!!!

Awakening with a shudder
I respond to my own imbalance
Pervert thoughts mutter
Loveless feeling.. cropping up again…

These hormones reacting weirdly
I look at everything for prey
To gut out all I have…
is what is left for the day…

Hell that touch is so tantalizing  
A hug so mesmerizing
A notion so abusing
Now awareness no more so amusing

Seductive thoughts linger all over
I wish to pounce on everything under cover
Hell I don’t need a lover
Bring me an animal that I would devour…

Just when I’m coming to senses
I see myself in menses
Reduced to such a horrible state
I hover over opportunities
But don’t instigate…

Give me a fruit
Give me a flower
Give me some essence
Give me a shower…

Clean me off the stains
Take me in the rains
Make me dine
Pour on me some wine
Taste me till I sour
Dear lets jus be ourselves for this hour…

Rinse me off your sweat
Nothing equal to this I have still met
Lead me to ruins
Get down to my knees…
I’m sure you would do what I please…

Read my eyes
Don’t stumble..
Help me on my feet
If I tremble..
Just stop my words
When I fumble..

Wipe my tears
Give a shoulder to rest
I know u aint my lover
But this would jus help me get away from being loveless…!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bouts of Thoughts...

Regardless I was sitting under the moon
The night shone so bright
A tune ringing in my head
A long lost dream in sight…

I stared in wilderness
As the night would fade…
Would have loved for the ignorance and helplessness to stay..
But the bouts of thoughts did invade..

Thoughts came and went…
Time knocked several times
Could not by anyways this situation evade
I just cared less than a dime..

Satire aint working
Sarcasm too much
Exaggeration to hell
My friend, it simple... I suffer from pain in my bowel

Caffeine hitting harder than alcohol
Spirits going to hell
Heavens rise too high
I am addicted to myself

The priest did try to awaken my soul
In apathy I erode
Serene tasks
Mundane routine.. yeah that has become me…
I love myself

But... tough to be gloried!!!

No there aint no white flag at my door
I won’t throw the towels in my life’s ring
What is this..
I fail to figure out
I just whistle and sing…

An apple left to decay
Or a bread left to stale
Running away from people
I find my peace in myself

A last dance to dance
A last tune to swing
A toe turned… a hand moved
After all the stupid thinking…
I walk out of my own skin…

Monday, April 25, 2011

Antagonist in schooling...

Clueless as to where m heading...
Needless to say.. getting stagnant day by day
Worthless for what m working...
Helpless when it comes to pray...
Not sure if m reaching heights
Losing faith in sights
Extravagant opportunes
Morbid attitude
I forget to fight
Sanctity lost
Yet love no more is subjective
Monopoly is ruling
The politics objective...
Here's an antagonist, now in schooling!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Finding ME in me: ह्याचाशी माझे नाते आहे…

Finding ME in me: ह्याचाशी माझे नाते आहे…: "(माझ्या मैत्रिणी (दिव्या) साठी काही ओळी) - visit हवा हवा सा वाटणारा जिव्हाळा,तो पहिला मादक स्पर्शाचा निवारा..."

Monday, March 7, 2011

In fond memories of Capt. Nikhil Jadhav...

A long lost childhood friend... (24th May 1983 to 7th March 2011)

The music was playing
But couldnt listen to it
The food was on the platter
But couldnt eat it
The news had come
But still cant take it..

Time had arrived
But took away the wrong one
In silence and tranquil
Now lies your gun

That brain closed the doors
To the world unknown
That heart went numb
To the pain and succumbed

Still unable to take the news
You didnt leave us any clues
Rest in peace my dear friend
M sure ur safe up there

Till time unknown when we see you again
We'll stare the sky to point a STAR that you wud represent..

R.I.P. chhotu!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Help yourself

Help yourself
My friend, help yourself…

It’s a wonderful world
But u gotta help yourself

A rollercoaster ride… this life
My friend, a rollercoaster ride

Hold on to yourself
These rides go high n low
Crazy sights on the way
You might lose the flow…

Just be yourself
My friend just be yourself

Don’t lose on the opportunities
They dont come easy you see
You gotta buy your every moment here
Everything’s a deal, nothing for free…

Move on from this junction
My friend, just move away from the old function…

Friends, relatives, marriages don’t happen here on their own
The water has always somewhere, flown
The sun shines here daily
So you see, you gotta face the world gaily…

Pick up your luggage
Walk you way
Help yourself
My friend, you gotta move on everyday…

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Was I...???

His breath blew away the hair on my face,
I stared in surprise, scared, calm....but felt my heart race...
My hand in air.... confused… as I didn’t want to hold him,
He came even more close to kiss…A sin!

My eyes closed…scared and bewildered,
But he very well monitored…
A tear rolled down my cheek,
I couldn’t.... But my eyes did speak....

Felt the breeze on my face,
As also his hand went through my shirt in slow pace....
I shivered, but wasn’t cold,
His hunger grew, for me to hold…

My stomach twitched,
As his hand lingered....
The shiver grew,
As I gave up and surrendered....

The shirts came apart, as he threw them over the sack,
He struggled further on my back...
The restless hand unhooked the last piece
As he picked me up to take me under the sheets...

That tongue licked everywhere,
Tasting my every drop of sweat...
I gazed in pain and despair,
As his throne moved inside, defining a ruthless death...

With time I saw the feelings end,
The touch tearing me apart, I hate his scent...
Forgotten what innocence meant,
Now get a feeling... I was a rent…!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In high spirits

Yeah I’m gripped by pain
no pill no grain

my head spins
my vision fades
my mouth dries
i feel my heart race

my feet tremble
my hands stumble
i lose breath
my words fumble

the momentary lapse
the zonked out farce
i phase out
but the thirst grows in the sparse...

Yeah i need to be drugged
a little intoxicated
i need to be sloshed
and a bit stimulated
i need to be smothered
ahh for a while..
quench my thirst with the ardent spirit
I just cannot go on with a fake smile…

The hunger's growing
for brains to go numb
in the high spirits
i may succumb

With every glass filled to its brim
i prowl over each with a grin…

A drop of Vodka
so excruciating
a little Gin and some Tequila
ahh sequined...

Rum to soothe
Scotch so smooth
Wine, yeah refreshing..
Well Cognac's for the rich
And Champagne too exquisite für mich...

Aye boy, let’s not go that far
Oh forget the classics
Man just take me to a bar.......

Friday, February 11, 2011


And so i sit here
make up my mind
try to put down some thoughts
to make a rhyme
But i wonder...

All's blacked out
and my mind wanders through the emptiness
to find some words
of sinful disgrace

random thoughts
come and go
but my mind fails
to go with the flow

the mysticism grows
nothing reveals the fate
my brain devours
on thoughts in debate

i think of frictions
i think of relations
but i fail to think of concerns…
Oh Lord! show me a direction...
As i wander....

The uneasiness in the daedal
the blissful words so cynical
The world around so methodical
n i wander in the madness...

remnants of past
disdains of present
misleading future
living in the aviary, since quite recent

borrowed possessions
fear of confessions
confused emotions
amused by egoism
wandering with a light heartedness...

an anthem forgotten
a principle long lost
an aim reversed
m in top gear, yet broken in thought...

loosened ends
empty pages
colorless crayons
to whiten the stains..
of a wanderers ailment…

there are rusted pieces
some torn thoughts
few orphaned memories
come paint a canvas
of a wanderers heart...

Thursday, February 10, 2011


eka shwasacha antar
pan te hi adhantar
nhavte naate
shabda hi nhavte
vaatle julale maan
kaayamche... nirantar...

Avghadlya veli
komejli ga kali
mavalla diwas
ahe ratra amavas

eka sparshacha adhar
aaj manavar tyachach bhar
vaatle julali taar
pan nirakaar...

gele ga vaahuni
mi phoolarani
mi ga vedi
tyachyat mavalli

arey hey maan veda
evdhya mothya shaharaat
shodhta ek kheda
distach raan mokla

detach karangli
dharla ga kambreshi
pan andhaarat modli
me ek mithi tyachashi....

Kavita suchat hoti...

Julwun ghetle kaviteshi naate
Ayushyawar hasne aata poore zaale

Nishkal swapnanchya garaaryatun baher padun garudasarkhi jhep ghyaychi hoti
Vasundharela aabhalashi honarya meelanacha avishkar darshavitana kavitechi jod ghyaychi hoti

Mazya pratyek krutitun mazya pratibimbalahi sphoorti milat hoti
Mala swatahla samadhaan hoat hoate, kavitechi saath milat hoti

Buddhi aatmyachi mahati sangtana anubhavachi dnyanganga duthdi bharun vaahat hoti
Bolayla chaalayla vaagayla ekach marga hota, mala chakka kavita suchat hoti...

(an inspiration...)

Ek themb!

Aj waara nustach wahla
Osaad walwantat dhul udwun gela...

Aj odhni nustich udat rahili
Olya dolyat tine phakta dulach bharli...

Aj surya nustach ugawla
Jata jata matra kali ratra sodun gela...

oon thandi, oon garthyat maza maan bhegalla
Tya bhegana buzwayla mala ashrucha ekach themb sapadla!!!!

To my Granddad!!!

May he rest in peace!!!!
Wrote this for his 91st b'day!!! (July 2004)
All i wish is to have those days back!!! :)

You've crossed 80's long back
Now its the turn of 90's
Sure you've grown old
But still young at heart
As today's world...

Still remember you getting me those drawing books and pencils
For me to draw and show my stupid skills
Still cant forget you getting me those Monaco biscuits
To dip them in a cup of tea and enjoy their crisps...

You've walked all the thorned and narrow ways
Never thought ill of anyone in anyways
Never seen a man with such perfection
To be like you, one would need a strong perception...

Its your day today
And live it to its fullest
I'll pray to God for you
To live a life in a way of its best
Forget the world and think of the next
Dont forget to take your pills and have a nice rest
Dream of coming 90's and celebrate it the best :))

Love ya... miss ya :)

Thamb na...

(Inspired from a song...)

Dhunda hote shabda saare
Dhunda hotya bhavna
Vaarya sange vahtana
Tya fula pashi thamb na...

Kar mokle maan tuze
Saye... tu mazya sange bol na..
Vaarya sange vahtana
Ya fula pashi thamb na...

Khup kahi dadlay ya andharaat..
Tu umed navi jaag na..
Vaarya sange vahtana
Ya fula pashi thamb na...

Maani swapna lapleli
Tyanna dheer nava tu bandh na..
Varya sange vahtana
Ya fula pashi thamb na...

Sparsha maj karuni
Tu gandha maza sang na...
Varya sange vahtana
Tu 'mazya' pashi thamb na........!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


It doesnt matter where I land
All I know I have myself placed safe in your hand...

The ground may shake me till my core
But I believe, way ahead lies our shore...

The moon never shone so bright
The days never went so light...

In spite of all the stains
I feel cleaned with the rains...

Love, I thought would never blossom
But you just showered me with it, friend-bosom...

Bringing myself to what I was
Makes me believe for sure all hindrances we may cross...

I rubbed for the jinny to come out with a roaring sound
Destiny just shook itself, and we have each other found... :)


Day ended in dark
I walked my way in the moonlit path...

Few held me by my hand
Few left their marks on the sand...

Few held me tight
Few I left with fright...

Gardened everyone
But few grew in colours..

Just few in hand...

I dream of turning sandstones into rocks
Enjoyed my times in skirts and frocks
Time I fit myself in shoes with toughened socks...

No stone, no thorn to prick
Got hit by wrong...

Few made me feel again strong

So dear, be my friend and sing along...

Left alone at times with no music no song...

Please sit besides, lets pass this darkness into a new day together along... :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

I am... :)

I am cold…

Yet I am warm…

I am lost...

But yet not bewildered…

What am I…?

I don’t know…

Yet I know I am…

I was lonely…

And now I have a companion…

I am filled with thoughts…

With nothing empty, it’s all even…

I am glad…

But just short of a grin…

I am sad…

But got no sin…

I am happy

And yes I’m full of giggles…

My shore filled with sparkling shingles…

A mirror once reflected my apathy

And now I don’t give a damn to it any…

But now I plead to thee…

My love… Know me soon…

Time is confusing…

Winds entangling…

Tides low and high…

Show me a sign…

And all would be fine

Lay in my arms

No torcher no pain

Just love my love, is all that you’ll gain

Faith in thee

Faith in me

Trust in thee

Love in me

No glad rags

No occasions

Just love me my love…

And I’ll love thee…!!!