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Tujhyat jeev rangala

Tujhyat jeev rangala
Tujhyat ananda shodhla
Ekach ranga baghitla
Ani kshan gondhalala

Dehat maan wegla
Manat roop wegla
Roopat vishwa wegla
Ata me shodhnar..

Kay ya manachi naati
Kiti olakhli preeti
Kiti visarli neeti
Ya manuskichi..

Ya rangaat ranga udhalale
Ya naatyat kshan visarle
Ya kshanat maan rangale
Kahi anubhavache..

Goad ashya kshani
Ka bhiti mani
Ha gongat kiti
Ya rahdaricha..

Weglyach jagi rangta man
Weglyach jagi palta ranran
Hich ek bhunbhun
Tula shodhnya..

Kon tu..
Kasa tu..
Kuthe tu..
Ka tu...???


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Shabda suchena...

aaj maan sangayla shabda suchena
ya andharya ratri aj mala ratra disena
vaat vahe pudhe pudhe
pan marga kahi sapdena
aaj maan sangayla shabda suchena

halkech koni ishara dyawa
swapnana nava ranga dyawa
asa bhaas hoina
aaj maan sangayla shabda suchena

kiti ashya weli
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pan bolale konich nahi
tya ratri waat thambli pan maan thambena
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ya andharat koni saath dyawi
garaz asta konich yeina
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aat kuthetari dheer milawa mani
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pudhe baghta dise lakkha prakash
maage pahata dise chandra nabhat!
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aaj maan sangayla shabda suchena...!!!

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