Saturday, February 26, 2011

Was I...???

His breath blew away the hair on my face,
I stared in surprise, scared, calm....but felt my heart race...
My hand in air.... confused… as I didn’t want to hold him,
He came even more close to kiss…A sin!

My eyes closed…scared and bewildered,
But he very well monitored…
A tear rolled down my cheek,
I couldn’t.... But my eyes did speak....

Felt the breeze on my face,
As also his hand went through my shirt in slow pace....
I shivered, but wasn’t cold,
His hunger grew, for me to hold…

My stomach twitched,
As his hand lingered....
The shiver grew,
As I gave up and surrendered....

The shirts came apart, as he threw them over the sack,
He struggled further on my back...
The restless hand unhooked the last piece
As he picked me up to take me under the sheets...

That tongue licked everywhere,
Tasting my every drop of sweat...
I gazed in pain and despair,
As his throne moved inside, defining a ruthless death...

With time I saw the feelings end,
The touch tearing me apart, I hate his scent...
Forgotten what innocence meant,
Now get a feeling... I was a rent…!!!


  1. a very old poem.. thought of posting it now :)

  2. powerful..
    Happy Rally.

  3. Oh gosh.. this is deep and certainly overwhelming.. Rich in emotions too.. from one feeling to another..

    You bring out all so perfectly... Great write..

    Oh yes, by the way, here is mine.. Hope to see you around..

  4. it made my heart race so fast... love how smoothly you presented the change in emotions. amazing!

  5. A sad tale of the loss of innocence

  6. erotic rally! my wk 39 is here..

  7. A nice narrative, I could see a whole chapter coming out and then a book from this, nice work! Happy rally!

  8. Innocence and modesty lost in wonder! Well put!

  9. thanks you all... thanks a ton.. happy rally to u all too :)..

  10. Really loved the flow... An emotion well narrated... Keep it up Div

  11. I really loved this poem.. it is one of a kind and the idea is genius

  12. Nice one.. U described it so well, especially th end.. loved it.. Keep writing..

    p.s: u gained a new follower..

    - Raghu