Friday, February 11, 2011


And so i sit here
make up my mind
try to put down some thoughts
to make a rhyme
But i wonder...

All's blacked out
and my mind wanders through the emptiness
to find some words
of sinful disgrace

random thoughts
come and go
but my mind fails
to go with the flow

the mysticism grows
nothing reveals the fate
my brain devours
on thoughts in debate

i think of frictions
i think of relations
but i fail to think of concerns…
Oh Lord! show me a direction...
As i wander....

The uneasiness in the daedal
the blissful words so cynical
The world around so methodical
n i wander in the madness...

remnants of past
disdains of present
misleading future
living in the aviary, since quite recent

borrowed possessions
fear of confessions
confused emotions
amused by egoism
wandering with a light heartedness...

an anthem forgotten
a principle long lost
an aim reversed
m in top gear, yet broken in thought...

loosened ends
empty pages
colorless crayons
to whiten the stains..
of a wanderers ailment…

there are rusted pieces
some torn thoughts
few orphaned memories
come paint a canvas
of a wanderers heart...

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  1. lovely.. :) my potluck..