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To my Granddad!!!

May he rest in peace!!!!
Wrote this for his 91st b'day!!! (July 2004)
All i wish is to have those days back!!! :)

You've crossed 80's long back
Now its the turn of 90's
Sure you've grown old
But still young at heart
As today's world...

Still remember you getting me those drawing books and pencils
For me to draw and show my stupid skills
Still cant forget you getting me those Monaco biscuits
To dip them in a cup of tea and enjoy their crisps...

You've walked all the thorned and narrow ways
Never thought ill of anyone in anyways
Never seen a man with such perfection
To be like you, one would need a strong perception...

Its your day today
And live it to its fullest
I'll pray to God for you
To live a life in a way of its best
Forget the world and think of the next
Dont forget to take your pills and have a nice rest
Dream of coming 90's and celebrate it the best :))

Love ya... miss ya :)


  1. Tender, touching and emotional piece. Well written.

    Here is my entry

  2. hopeful and beautiful words.

    both you and your granddad are blessed.


  3. hey thanks :).... just noticed, i made a poem by that name "wanderer".. :)


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