Monday, March 7, 2011

In fond memories of Capt. Nikhil Jadhav...

A long lost childhood friend... (24th May 1983 to 7th March 2011)

The music was playing
But couldnt listen to it
The food was on the platter
But couldnt eat it
The news had come
But still cant take it..

Time had arrived
But took away the wrong one
In silence and tranquil
Now lies your gun

That brain closed the doors
To the world unknown
That heart went numb
To the pain and succumbed

Still unable to take the news
You didnt leave us any clues
Rest in peace my dear friend
M sure ur safe up there

Till time unknown when we see you again
We'll stare the sky to point a STAR that you wud represent..

R.I.P. chhotu!!!


  1. May God bless his soul and he may rest in peace.

    Makarand Borse

  2. I knew him personally ..... he was a great support in academy when i was struggling in my 1st term I will ever remember him i feel so terrible for ur loss i will pray for u may his soul rest in peace

  3. Those who mean the most to us
    Are never really gone.
    For in our thoughts and in our hearts
    Their memory still lives on
    So may you find that passing time
    Can somehow help to heal
    Those memories will ease the loss
    And sorrow that you feel
    Suhas Jadhav.

  4. A heartfelt tribute to your friend. So young, too...

  5. Nikhil was a great sportsman and contributed to the Fergusson College Water Polo team greatly for 3 long years 2001 to 2004!
    He will be missed!