Monday, July 26, 2010

Would you...!!!

I know not when it started

I dont know if it shows

But I know I'm terribly scared

And that’s how my feelings go...

I wish I could see into you

Just to know if you feel it too

Just to know if I grow close

Would you welcome me with open doors??...

I need to know if I can hold you near

To show my wounds and shed a tear

I need your trust and loving care

I need to know would you be there??

Would you accept me 'inspite' of me??

Open wide your arms and welcome me??

Would you stand beside and support me??

Tell me dear, would you be there for me???..


To begin
It had never begun..
To end
It never started..
Went through it
Not meant for it..
In YOU believed too much
Lost a heart, a breath a touch..
Freak reasons
Entangled in emotions
Chose a path
Never to turn back..
Love stroked hard..
But still I’m glad..
Looked for Knives..
Found some Forks..
Happy to realise..
Was just cutting a toast..
Things seem to be falling in place..
Just wish to clean YOU off from me under my skin my face....


Each time I cross a milestone

I try n recall every place the sun shone

The one that moon lit

The one on which the stars glittered

The breeze with which came the sand, the dust and my eyelids flickered...

The time in tiny frocks- fun n frolic

The swing, the see-saw, the puppy-lick

That stupid running behind cows

Soiling hands in the dung

How furiously we would be whisked by mum...

A faint memory of a dad's joyful lift

Pulling his whiskers- a naughty kid.

A wishful thought

To my mind I brought-

...Nothing looks the same anymore!

A little hesitation

To ask for direction

In this town that no more looks the same

Everything has been smitten by fame

D cattle no more visit our lanes

They graze in the graveyards

Instead of meadows green in rain

I sit here admire... Lame...