Thursday, May 28, 2015

I just changed the world!

The night was dark..
The wind blew cold..
The leaves fluttered and spread themselves..
Across the porch..

Across the porch, she stood still..
Watching the stars as they went gleam

Gleam they went
From night to night
She sang the song
That came to her mind..

It came to her mind
From her heart..
The tune was new
The words were smart..

The words were smart
Nobody taught her to rhyme
She did this since she was 2
Little did she know, it was a crime..

Yes, it was a crime
The civilization did not know the art
They just knew how to play the dart

Play the dart
Is all they did…
They claimed art
A sinful deed

Mom said, “oh my child,
I warn you of hell..
Coming soon to take away your smile..

“Take away your smile
And never let you be..
What you want, my dear
Is not in this world for thee…”

“Its not for you
To sing and dance
They will never bear the happiness
And enjoy your trance..”

“You sing my dear
But not here
Coz I fear…
You are the one I have
You are my only dear..

She heard her mom
And walked out in the night..

She walked through the little lanes
And then through the garden…
She touched the sleeping buds
And caressed the little leaves
The fresh dew danced on her sleeves

She reached the crossroads
And noticed a shadow
He called her
To follow

She followed him
With reluctance
“Strangers are not to be trusted!”
She recalled her mom’s stance

The Shadow gestured her
To come close by
The face revealed in the darkness
Threw her haywire

She had nowhere to go

She realized where she had come
The board was behind her
The fate was now being rewritten

He took the dart
And made her stand
She sang the song
Without a damn

He shook his head
To concentrate
She did not give up
And let the tune dictate

The song turned him over
She realized
She had the power

The night turned into day
People gathered around
They stayed astound

This was something
They saw for the first time
The words had gripped them all
They suddenly enjoyed her rhyme

The mother screamed,
“Oh my child, what have you done!”

She said,

“It wasn’t me maa, it was you
They love the trance, but they had succumbed to the dues
All I did was sing my heart out
And change the way you live in this snout”

“I’ve just changed the world, maa!
And I will let me be..
What I want, is already here
How don’t you see?”