Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bouts of Thoughts...

Regardless I was sitting under the moon
The night shone so bright
A tune ringing in my head
A long lost dream in sight…

I stared in wilderness
As the night would fade…
Would have loved for the ignorance and helplessness to stay..
But the bouts of thoughts did invade..

Thoughts came and went…
Time knocked several times
Could not by anyways this situation evade
I just cared less than a dime..

Satire aint working
Sarcasm too much
Exaggeration to hell
My friend, it simple... I suffer from pain in my bowel

Caffeine hitting harder than alcohol
Spirits going to hell
Heavens rise too high
I am addicted to myself

The priest did try to awaken my soul
In apathy I erode
Serene tasks
Mundane routine.. yeah that has become me…
I love myself

But... tough to be gloried!!!

No there aint no white flag at my door
I won’t throw the towels in my life’s ring
What is this..
I fail to figure out
I just whistle and sing…

An apple left to decay
Or a bread left to stale
Running away from people
I find my peace in myself

A last dance to dance
A last tune to swing
A toe turned… a hand moved
After all the stupid thinking…
I walk out of my own skin…