Monday, June 6, 2011

Desperation in words...!!!

Awakening with a shudder
I respond to my own imbalance
Pervert thoughts mutter
Loveless feeling.. cropping up again…

These hormones reacting weirdly
I look at everything for prey
To gut out all I have…
is what is left for the day…

Hell that touch is so tantalizing  
A hug so mesmerizing
A notion so abusing
Now awareness no more so amusing

Seductive thoughts linger all over
I wish to pounce on everything under cover
Hell I don’t need a lover
Bring me an animal that I would devour…

Just when I’m coming to senses
I see myself in menses
Reduced to such a horrible state
I hover over opportunities
But don’t instigate…

Give me a fruit
Give me a flower
Give me some essence
Give me a shower…

Clean me off the stains
Take me in the rains
Make me dine
Pour on me some wine
Taste me till I sour
Dear lets jus be ourselves for this hour…

Rinse me off your sweat
Nothing equal to this I have still met
Lead me to ruins
Get down to my knees…
I’m sure you would do what I please…

Read my eyes
Don’t stumble..
Help me on my feet
If I tremble..
Just stop my words
When I fumble..

Wipe my tears
Give a shoulder to rest
I know u aint my lover
But this would jus help me get away from being loveless…!!!


  1. Emotions and feelings wonderfully penned . Great!

  2. Emotions and pain pictured so intricately in your words!
    Hope the desperations ends soon and brings happiness :)
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow. I agree with Welkin. Lots of emotions and feel to this poem. It would be even better if the last line was split in two after the word "away". :)

    My rally - Patiently Trying

  4. very emotional and so inspiring thank you and happy rally

  5. A very interesting way of expression, I must say.

    - Feinicks