Friday, March 4, 2011

Help yourself

Help yourself
My friend, help yourself…

It’s a wonderful world
But u gotta help yourself

A rollercoaster ride… this life
My friend, a rollercoaster ride

Hold on to yourself
These rides go high n low
Crazy sights on the way
You might lose the flow…

Just be yourself
My friend just be yourself

Don’t lose on the opportunities
They dont come easy you see
You gotta buy your every moment here
Everything’s a deal, nothing for free…

Move on from this junction
My friend, just move away from the old function…

Friends, relatives, marriages don’t happen here on their own
The water has always somewhere, flown
The sun shines here daily
So you see, you gotta face the world gaily…

Pick up your luggage
Walk you way
Help yourself
My friend, you gotta move on everyday…


  1. inspiring poetry this..! the repetition makes the emphasis on it very clear.. a beautiful read!

    happy Poets Rally!

  2. totally luvd every bit of it..the essence is so nice n contagious...i was walking already but now its wid more determination and joy...

    very nice... keep up the good work ! :)

  3. thanks raghya :)))

    Thanks a ton Leo...

  4. Pick up your luggage, great advice! Very nice and inspirational poem!

  5. You speak your poem .I really liked the way you wrote it

  6. god helps those who helps themselves.. so help myself to god helping me ...

    u know how would god help .. through others...

    so help yourself.. others will follow is the new line :)

    nice one