Thursday, May 28, 2015

I just changed the world!

The night was dark..
The wind blew cold..
The leaves fluttered and spread themselves..
Across the porch..

Across the porch, she stood still..
Watching the stars as they went gleam

Gleam they went
From night to night
She sang the song
That came to her mind..

It came to her mind
From her heart..
The tune was new
The words were smart..

The words were smart
Nobody taught her to rhyme
She did this since she was 2
Little did she know, it was a crime..

Yes, it was a crime
The civilization did not know the art
They just knew how to play the dart

Play the dart
Is all they did…
They claimed art
A sinful deed

Mom said, “oh my child,
I warn you of hell..
Coming soon to take away your smile..

“Take away your smile
And never let you be..
What you want, my dear
Is not in this world for thee…”

“Its not for you
To sing and dance
They will never bear the happiness
And enjoy your trance..”

“You sing my dear
But not here
Coz I fear…
You are the one I have
You are my only dear..

She heard her mom
And walked out in the night..

She walked through the little lanes
And then through the garden…
She touched the sleeping buds
And caressed the little leaves
The fresh dew danced on her sleeves

She reached the crossroads
And noticed a shadow
He called her
To follow

She followed him
With reluctance
“Strangers are not to be trusted!”
She recalled her mom’s stance

The Shadow gestured her
To come close by
The face revealed in the darkness
Threw her haywire

She had nowhere to go

She realized where she had come
The board was behind her
The fate was now being rewritten

He took the dart
And made her stand
She sang the song
Without a damn

He shook his head
To concentrate
She did not give up
And let the tune dictate

The song turned him over
She realized
She had the power

The night turned into day
People gathered around
They stayed astound

This was something
They saw for the first time
The words had gripped them all
They suddenly enjoyed her rhyme

The mother screamed,
“Oh my child, what have you done!”

She said,

“It wasn’t me maa, it was you
They love the trance, but they had succumbed to the dues
All I did was sing my heart out
And change the way you live in this snout”

“I’ve just changed the world, maa!
And I will let me be..
What I want, is already here
How don’t you see?”

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Oh the Bullet!

A thundering sound passed by..
The loud firing jolted me back
As the speed added a zest to my fly..

I am pulled in the momentary series of images, emotions, and a thought..
An experience of a visionary creation of my imagination..
Oh again in that usual daydream, I am happily caught..

It starts with a dense cloud of dust on my face
As I rub my eyes to see through the haze
Oh my god, a Desert Storm in front of my eyes!!!
My heart sets itself on an undefined pace..

The evening's red light fills the sky
I approach the beast..
And wish to fly..

The sun sets in the background
As I see the evening approach..
I decide to settle in the astound..
Its then, I see the moon rise in the night's blue..
The road's all empty..
I park my Storm under a street light, a little mist around...

A dog crosses, looks at me with a refrain..
A dry leaf flies with the breeze..
Settles itself aside in disdain..

I prepare, and wear my gear..
As I assure my Storm, "Babe, you are made to arouse fear!"

I look to my left and then to my right
To feel the silence around..
One kick, I feel her growl..

And that's when I race her away in a deafening sound...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Being on wheels...!

"Life is a river they say. No matter what, a river always turns, goes through ups and downs and never stops to move on!” ‘Life cycles’, a documentary on cycling, is something that moved me a lot! This apparently was shared with me by my elder brother, an avid cyclist himself.

Cycling didn’t happen to me just like that. I was always skeptical at the beginning; thought cycling was to be done only during school days. I’m grown up now, cycling would be just stupid! But no, it turned out to be more fun than earlier! Trust me when I say that, the moment you know your effort is making you go faster, become a kid again, cut through traffic and sweat all the anger out: All of that just makes you want to cycle more! The wind on your face feels much much better than that while riding an Activa!

I was inspired by my brother’s stint and that’s how one fine day I got the bike out of the rubble, dusted off some cobwebs, oiled the chains, fixed the gears, bloated the tyres and made my mind. I knew the distance was long, but the inhibition itself motivated me to take the risk. Risk, it never was! I just had to decide, loosen up and get on the bike. Everything after that came naturally. My instinct worked just fine and I knew I was flying. A big ball in red pants to grab attention! And there I was! Eyes tearing out of faces and staring at me, as I zoomed by them! That feeling is still alive!

Starting to cycle all of a sudden wasn’t easy. I spent months deciding when to begin. I started it with Spinning (indoor cycling) and then put myself together and shared my plan with my friend. He obliged and we just begun. We decided to cycle to office on Fridays, as that would help us rest on the weekend! How typical, isn’t it! J Regardless, we have been doing that for some time now! And we plan to change it to alternate days soon!

Nevertheless, cycling for girls isn’t that easy. That’s how I have to have company along with me, whenever I come to office by cycle! Our fellow citizens’ minds aren’t built to accept a lady riding a cycle on the roads. They’ll honk at you, overtake closely, stare at you rudely, and even stop right in front of you when you have just gained pace, as if you are invisible on the road. But that’s them, and we can’t do much but just look at them in disdain! There are a few who give way and wait for you to pedal ahead! But that’s just a handful of them on a road filled with hundreds of people to rush! 

Apart from that, it’s a very good workout for working women like us, who hardly get to spare time to exercise (They come up with all sorts of reasons to avoid! :P). It is quite practical and logical for women staying close by here as they take relatively lesser time to reach and don’t have to face the hazardous traffic of our city. But knowing most of them, they wouldn’t take the plunge so easily! I would still suggest to all to think about it. I have seen many of them spend about 20 odd minutes in the washroom to get ready after they get in office. Then for that matter, they might as well take a little longer to come and clean up after they have cycled to office. It’s much more satisfying and you all will look much fresher! Moreover it costs nothing! J

People won’t change that easily and accept that cycling isn’t just going to help you keep fit, but eventually reduce your expenses on petrol, reduce pollution, reduce traffic problems, and thus reduce stress as well. It’s absolutely insane when just one person in a big car cribs about the traffic, where the fact is they could just take a local bus or cycle to office to solve the same problem. Convenience is killing us so much, that we find all sorts of reasons to cover up a stupid fact that we are running behind status. Money can buy you bigger cars, money can even buy health! But none of us would want to go the cheaper and easier way: buy a cycle! J

So, what are you waiting for! Just put on a helmet, tighten your laces and pedal on!
Get your life on wheels run by you and not by a machine!

I hope to encourage a few, just the way my brother and my friend have encouraged me! J

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Being loved :)

Isn’t it nice to love and be loved back?
One feeling to another as if jumping a track…
One door opens avenues of wonder
The other simply allows me to maunder…
Remnants of past I dust away
As beautiful flowers come my way…
Happiness whispers its giggles to me
Overjoyed, I shake a leg, my mind free…
Refusing to turn around, I walk this new boulevard
With a lot in mind, I plant new seeds in our secret yard… :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Do think...

Somewhere lost in the sea of silence, I try to find the solace in you,
I try to live the truth, and there I find me in you...

I know I build the restlessness around us for some time...
But your talk seizes the pressure every time…

The wind goes still for a while…
Oh that wouldn’t deter me to carry on for miles…
But you know the fact..
I cannot go on for long with the same smile…

I feel I’m rowing this boat a little too hard…
But I'm probably thinking of too far!

I’m sure the waves would lead us to the shore
But me being me, I would still row…

I know trivialities happen for a reason…
But you know, with time, changes the season…

Yes times do change, and so do thoughts, they say...
A tiny ray of hope would still help me play…
Along the crevices I will still follow your way,
To help you think, if you may...

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Finally... need to be free! :)

Oh finally it has come to me..
To write and plea..
To the lord almighty..
- "Help, coz I need some things for free..!"

Wait, no longer I can..
Coz enough I have ran..
Behind unrealistic faces..
Now I wish to get rid of some traces..

Plans now are a little more tangible..
Some instinctively manageable...
Priorities, I know are some unset..
Few new are now on the crest...

Set for some new locations..
unknown expressions..
trying to get rid of some clumsiness and foolish infatuations
now is the need to get in a different set of relations...

Love, I know will happen to me..
As time will flee..
With little nervousness and curiosity..
I take my steps to set myself free...!

Friday, August 19, 2011


Cool wind on my face
Reminds me I’m stuck in a maze
A dusky haze
I fail to wipe off…

Moments pass by
A smile with a wry
No tears to cry
I fail to write me off…

Off they go
With a smirk in their eyes
Off they go
With ignorance on their minds
Off they go.. my feelings..
Oh! off they go from all the sides

Looking out with an array of bewildered emotions
I’m letting myself be taken away in this wind’s direction
Without your sanction
Oh lord! how do I put my past off…

Standing on the edge of this cliff
I wonder if I at all miff
Oh please don’t play the riff
In the times so stiff
When I fail to look out for a partner to just laugh it all off….